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We use the best machine from Vapor Honing Technologies. Make your vintage parts look like new again. Small parts, carburetors, heads, engine covers.




Focused on 70's and 80's vintage resto-mods, café racers, to period-correct restorations. 

All projects are treated with utmost care and the fanatical attention to detail that your dream  deserves. 

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Frames, rear sets, seats, fenders, suspensions, carburation, gauges, powder coating, lace spoke wheels, simplified electrics, LED lighting.

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I started SKÖG Motorcycles to give me a platform to build not only for myself, but to offer others a place to commission a build; someone who may be looking to bring life back to a piece of the past or to create something completely new! My respect for the ride and all that goes into creating these machines is what makes the work I do my own, even if I’m building for someone else it is my deepest joy.

My name is Dave Skogerson and I live in Seattle, Washington with my lovely wife and two boys. Growing up on the beaches of Central California, I migrated north to the Seattle area in the early 90's. Through fixing my own machines when they would break, I caught the bug and started wrenching at 20 years old spending my days working on customer cars and my nights building my own projects. From a 1968 Resto-Mod VW Beetle, a 1990 Chevy lifted pickup to a 1987 Suzuki GSX-R750 race bike... I bought, tuned, and tweaked anything I could get my hands on that had wheels and ran on oil and gas. 

My brain and heart are wired as an engineers' giving me both the appreciation for attention to details and a love for building something that could actually be used. Along with this, my passion for resurrecting vintage motorcycles and building with metal went deep, learning from some of the best in the day and always continuing to educate myself.  In 2015 I began my first build using a CB550 that had been so badly neglected it no longer had life in it. From the ground up, I created a mid-70's Honda Café Racer that any proud gentleman would love to ride.  I was infatuated with the simplicity of the mechanics, the tuneability, and the realization of just how fun these Honda's were to not only ride but to re-build! I’m now on to British bikes rebuilding a '69 BSA, a Harley, racing Ducati's, and four more new, early '70's Honda projects on the docket.  Not sure there isn't anything I won't build. You will not find anyone more committed to getting something perfect and making the vision of your motorcycle a reality that will surpass your dream. Contact me for a conversation worthy of your time. I can’t wait to get started!



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